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18 edycja Madrid Fusión w Madrycie 22-24.01.2018

Chefs News2018-01-01

100 szefów, 15 krajów 60 pokazów,21 warsztatów technicznych, 15 konkursów, aukcje i nagrody - największy szczyt !

Madrid Fusión / Tasting Spain
22nd, 23rd and 24th January 2018
Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Campo de las Naciones, Madrid
New generations of young, rebellious, non-conformist cooks
Intelligent management, the digitalisation of restaurants
Haute cuisine and copyright
The key to technological revolution
‘No’ to waste
Two congresses in one
Over 100 chefs from 15 countries, more than 60 technical demonstrations,
21 training workshops, 15 competitions, auctions and prizes
EXHIBITION ZONE with more tan 150 exhibitors, both national and international
Berlin, Lisbon, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv and Tokyo
Guest Country: Japan
4th Edition of European Chef of the Year
16th Edition of the Upcoming Chef Award
1st Edition of the Upcoming Pastry-Chef Award
Leonor Espinosa, Bogotá: ciclo-bioma
Joâo Rodrigues, Alexandre Silva and Henrique Sá Pessoa, Lisbon: a modern interpretation of fish cooking
Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, Barcelona: OC’OO jus, extracts and caramelisations
Zaiyu Hasegawa, Tokyo: the evolution of Japanese cuisine
Tomoya Kawada, Tokio: the cuisine of tea
Bo Bech, Copenhagen: what do memories taste like?
Quique Dacosta, Denia: local universe
Jordy Navarra, Manila: wild flavours from the Philippines
Diego Guerrero, Madrid: proteins and fats
Ian Millar, Lausanne: the restaurant of the future
Alexandre Couillon, l´Herbaudière (Brittany): the chef of the tides
Andreas Rieger, Berlin: the theory of bitter
Sebastian Frank, Berlin: my essence of life
Ricard Camarena, Valencia: new classic sauces from basic jus
Moti Titman, Tel Aviv: culinary disruption
Yossi Shitrit, Tel Aviv: transgressing with plants
Eneko Atxa, Bilbao: beyond the kitchen
Dmitry Blinov and Igor Grishechkin, St. Petersburg: new Russian cuisine
Andoni Aduriz and Guillermo Cruz, Errentería (Guipuzcoa): inverse harmonies
Rice: varieties and recipes (Vicente Patiño and Santos Ruiz)
A pantry from the sea: seaweed (Nacho Manzano and Iván Dominguez)
Japanese sake: pairings with ingredients from Zen cuisine (Atsuhide Kato, Brewery of Japanese sake manufacturer 梵 BORN)
Copyrighting recipes (Jordi Butrón, Philippe Regol, Alfredo Gómez-Acebo and Santiago Robert Guillén. Moderated by José Carlos Capel)
Restaurant desserts; a creative table (Ricardo Vélez and Ester Roelas)
Chillies: another dimension (Roberto Ruiz)
The best tapas in the world (Sacha Hormaechea)
PERFECT MANAGEMENT: Methodology for attending customers (Urko Mugartegui), The new restaurant era (Diego Coquillat), Bars: how to make each m2 profitable (Carlos Bosch), New terminologies that are changing the food system (Borja Beneyto)
Cutting-edge vinegars (Jesús Segura)
The thousand faces of cod (Iván Cerdeño)
Asturian cider in haute cuisine (Nacho Manzano and Juan Ignacio García)
Gluten-free designer pastry-making (Amandine Finger)
The liquid side of cuisine (Rodrigo de la Calle and Víctor Díaz)
Salt-curing (Pablo González Conejero and José Cremades)
Lamb and suckling lamb (Ricard Camarena)
Grains, cereals and seeds (Fernando del Cerro)
Sake: the essence of Japan
Game and poultry (Luis Alberto Lera and Higinio Gómez)
Plant- and sea-based cuisine (Raúl Resinos)
Aroma or flavour? the pressure cooker and haute cuisine (Carlos Collado)
Techniques for handling seafood (Marcos Morán)
9th ‘Cheese Bites’ Competition
5th Signature Sandwich Competition
2nd Milksology Competition
1st Negrini Tapas Competition – using Italian ingredients
14th National Tapas Competition
2nd National Beer-Pulling Competition
Aula Makro-Choose your assistant chef
1st Share your Talent Competition
3rd Recipes with Cheese Competition
4th Tapas and Canapés Competition
4th International Joselito Championship for the Best Ham Croquette in the World
Seville, Guest City: Marcos Nieto, Santiago González, Nacho Dargallo and Javier Abascal: A tapas jam session
Mario Sandoval, fibre: the hidden ingredient in foods
Elena Arzak, challenging the imagination
Tomeu Caldentey, cooking in the dining room
Iñigo Lavado, when casualness meets haute cuisine
Lluís Pérez and Alexis García, a new kind of pâtisserie
Montserrat Fontané and Joan Roca, the importance of origin
Iván Muñoz, cinegetic cuisine
Dani Frías, sea-based haute cuisine: territory and culture
Benito Gómez, the essence of Ronda’s sierra
Marcos Morán, sea urchins: iodine from the Cantabrian Sea
Tonino Valiente, star and stripes
Ángel León, crustaceans: even the shells can be eaten
Álvaro Salazar and Sela Priego, product3
Paco Morales, herbs and fragrances of Andalusí cuisine
Rodrigo de la Calle, blue cuisine
Dávid López, the ‘chato murciano’ pig
Sergio Bastard, culinary applications for brine enofusion
The wine island will once again be the setting where wine will take centre stage within gastronomy, offering tastings of prestigious wines, information on wineries, denominations of origin and brands in the sector. (For more information, please visit www.enofusión.com)
The Drinks Show Cutting-edge liquids for the senses. An unmissable event on mixology, top-quality spirits and mixers. (For more information, please visit www.thedrinks.show)
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